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Are you an African or Caribbean vendor that is looking to go beyond the borders and gain access to new markets within the UK and Europe? Well, look no further because you are in the right place!

Why GabbyDave

Reliable Platform

GabbyDave offers all vendors a platform where they can easily showcase their products efficiently and effectively. At Gabbydave, we efficiently organize the products into easy-to-navigate categories where prospects from the UK and Europe quickly find information on desired products and shop seamlessly. We offer marketing, product review/advice, and packaging consultancy services to ensure that your product efficiently attracts and converts targeted consumers.

100% Seller Support

We guarantee that if you choose to sell with us, you will receive complete transparency in every transaction you perform with us. We intend to help our vendors grow, not to tie them down. To help them reach their full potential by connecting and helping them market their products to their targeted consumers. Our customer service teams can be contacted via email or through the portal created for vendors and we aim to respond swiftly

Sell More Products

Gabbydave online eCommerce store trades on hair products, African fashion clothing and accessories, beauty products, and African health and wellness products. We created this platform to help promote African and Caribbean products in the UK and Europe. We realized that there was a lot of potential in products offered from the continent. Unfortunately, due to the lack of a proper platform, most vendors have had to solely depend on the domestic market to sell their goods. This puts them at a disadvantage and limits them from reaching their full potential. That is where we come in. Register TODAY to become a seller

We are Secure and Transparent

No additional monthly fees

No additional monthly fees, we are simple and transparent. Fees are fixed by the type of subscription you choose for your business.

Secure Transaction

Payments are made after 21 days as soon as customer funds are cleared and the 14 days return policy time elapse.

Automatic Payment

Transactions with GabbyDave are safe and secure.

Flexible Plan just for you…


USD 0.00

per month

Sellers can only list less than 40 items per month

Charges apply only when your goods are sold

$0.50 (per item sold) plus **additional fees


USD 26.00

per month

Sellers can list more than 40 items per month

More value on volume sales

No additional monthly fees

**Additional fees

These do not include monthly subscription fees ($18.75 (excl. VAT) per month on GabbyDave), VAT charges, or any other service fees (e.g. order fulfillment by GabbyDave).



And All Others...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a GabbyDave’s Seller?

To become GabbyDave’s supplier you have to register your interest by filling the Become A Seller form

What type of products are allowed?

Dry Food, Artwork, Fabrics, Tools, Shoes, Bags, Clothing, Hair Care Products, Hair Extensions, Skincare Products, Health and wellness including Aphrodisiacs, Beauty Products including Makeup and Accessories

What are the benefits of becoming a Seller?

Every vendor whose products we put up for sale in our online shop will:


Enjoy transparency

Profitable growth

Easily reach your targeted consumers

User-friendly Platform

Track your shipment

Showcase your products in the UK and Diaspora

Attain your full potential

Payment within (21days)

Online support

Transparent Process

Multiple SKUs

Multiple Products

A platform that encourages Manufacturers as well as Traders

Our marketing and PR interventions amplifies yours

Organized products and categories for easy access and navigation

Access to a global community, especially within UK and Europe

What are the requirements to become a Seller?

To become a supplier, your company has to be registered in your home country. You need to provide the required registration details on the become a seller page where you can sign up